Friday, 25 May 2012

Can never do just 1 project at a time...

Is it just me or do you need to do more than one project at once, I find I get bored very easily especially if you are doing the same thing all the time.  I have now got about 8 projects half finished or just started.  

I have several patchwork cushions about halfway to completion, a couple of fabric storage boxes almost completed, and about 6 sock monkeys which are sewn and require stuffing an stitching together.  

As well as the two projects I am working on now, the hexagon patchwork, which I am now making into a appliqué quilt, rough sketch below, and my newest project the knitted patchwork blanket which I am loving doing the wool is just so soft, cannot wait for it to be finished.

All this is being done in-between the housework, working part time at weekends, looking after my three beautiful girls too.  I honestly don't know how I have time.  

Oh wait; I don't as there is always a long list of things that need doing, I still haven't dug over the veg patch in the garden which I desperately need to do as the seed potatoes need to be put in asap.  I have several other veg plants which have now grown nicely from seed and need more space and need  to get a bit of potting on, I have loads to do .... 

But on hold now really until Monday, going to do a bit more knitting then try to get a bit of sleep as I am in work at 11pm first full night shift in a while so I am sure I will be very tired. Then another full night tomorrow and a little short shift in Sunday night, then off Monday for the week again.  I only work 3 night a week but its at the weekend which is a shame as I lose out on spending time with my family.  But until I win the lottery its needs must I am afraid, and at least I have a job.  So for that I am very grateful.

Well must sign off and get back to my knitting, back soon with more updates but this will likely be on Monday now.

Oh almost forgot - bringing home our new little kitten "Willow" this weekend too, so excited.  

Bye for now


  1. No time to get up to mischief then lol!

  2. Gosh! You are sooo busy and yet you manage to blog each day during the week, I only just manage 1 day a week and sometimes I even miss that. Love your Hexagons, one day I will have a go at this. If you're interested my sister-in-law, Liz, aka does a lot of quilting and 'things' with fabrics and has had pieces in exhibitions before now. She has made some beautiful items. You reminded me of her because she has recently completed 'Megs Garden' - some kind of tree from flowers and you are working on your tree. Have a not too tiring weekend :)

  3. Fiddle fingers. Had a look at Your Sister-in-laws website some lovely work. Does she have a Facebook or Twittter account.


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