Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Window shopping

Had a lovely day today. Up early couldn't sleep so early breakfast and nice couple of peaceful hours before the noisy rabble woke up. Then we all tootled off to the cinema to watch "The Lorax" it was funny. My girls really enjoyed it.

After this we went to Ikea to have a good snoop. Lots of new stuff to oooh at found a fabulous sofa. Had the usual hot dog before we started girls love them. Finally picked a new bed for our Lydia. She has been choosing for some time and getting delivered Friday woohoo. Need to move a few things around before it arrives.

Quick bite to eat a burger king. Nice

Then whizz around B&Q ... Found fab kitchen & bathroom.  Lydia found her ideal garden play house.

So wish I could win the lottery.

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