Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Tale of Three Quilts ...

Well I made the decision about 1 month ago to make my three georgious daughters, aged 13, 7(almost 8) and 5, a handmade quilt, in their favorite colours.

BUT then my old second hand sewing machine packed up, so began the quest to bid like crazy on a new (second hand) sewing machine from eBay ... 8 failed attempts later and with Christmas fast appoaching I decided to take the plunge and buy a new one.  I took ages choosing, after all if I was paying full price for a new one I might as well make sure its the one I want an it can do everything I need it to do.
I finally decided on - Janome DXL603, which also came with a Free Quilting Set Worth £99.  I was so excited and started planning my quilt projects.

It finally arrived and now I could get started.

So I have been gathering fabrics for some weeks now and started to cut out the fabric for my Youngest Daughter's Quilt --- I thinks I have started on the most complicated quilt - it is a jigsaw design so cutting out all the jigsaw peices is fiddley enough, I also have to make sure the fabrics do not sit next to each other.

Any how here is the fist image of the quilt.  So far I have sewn together the backing fabric and cut out and pinned on all the outer peices of the jigsaw.  Next is to cut out the inner peices and then pin them all onto the backing fabric.  2 of the jigsaw peices are to be appliqued on afterwards as if they are not placed yet.

I must say it is looking good so far, I think my daughter will be very pleased.  The fabrics have all been secretly picked my her so I know she will like them individually.
I am still waiting for the backing fabric, I am using a pale lilac fleece fabric to make is nice and cosy and filling with 9oz wadding.  

I am hoping to get this one finished by next weekend, lot of busy hours ahead - can only do whilst the girls are in school or in bed so catching time when I can.

Once this one is done will move onto the middle daughters, hers is a bit simpler, well I say that but its more appliquete than quilting, she is having a quilt with 12 blocks each with either a house or a tree inside and butterflies here and there.  My eldest is, due to being a teenager, having a simple yet elegant design with lots of 6 inch blocks in her favorite colours with a few larger appliquete flowers.

Just hope I can get them all done in time for Christmas ..... as well as all the other stuff I am making for Christmas presents for my family.   

I dont think I will be getting much sleep between now and then.

I'll keep you posted on my progress, but will not be doing much for next few days as I will be at work - work 3 nights a week so only get to do my sewing Sunday to Thursday .... need to win the lottery so I can sew all the time. 

I simply love creating beautiful things and watching people's faces light up when I give them as gifts.

Signing off now

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  1. I am progressing on this - all the middle peices are now cut and I have started tacking them all in place ready to appliquette them, next to add wadding, backing and snuggly fleece backing. Cannot wait for this to be finished its looking fab.

    Then onto Quilt no 2. houses & butterflies


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