Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Thought for the Day

I cannot believe its May already, my Birthday is only a few days away, another year gone by.

Apparently we are "officially" in a recession.  Like we didn't already know this.  We have been tightening our belts for what seems like a life time now.  Every month I write everything down and see what we have got to pay out and every month the money left is less and less, everything seems to go up.

I know I am now counting every penny, and making bulk meals and freezing so I make what everything I buy go just that little bit further. I am buying knock down food, the supermarkets mark down food regularly. I buy any veg I can cook it and freeze it, make up large batches of pasta bakes, and make my own cakes.

I am also growing my own veg again this year. Have 7 tomato plants, 6 sweet pepper plants, courgette and cucumber plant, a rhubarb crown, basil & also have bought seeds to start growing soon - Carrots, Parsnips and beetroots. I have also managed to get to apple trees - Braeburn and Brambley (eating and cooking) apples so we can have fresh apples and make apple pies too.

The recent rain has caused a growth spurt in the garden too so will have to get out there and have a good weed.  Need to clear a large patch to put the potato's in soon.  I didn't grow as much as I would have like last year, so I am going to do better this year, lots to  do.

But before the gardening can be done I need to get making for my craft fair on the 7th May at Formby Hall in Atherton.  I already have several unique cushions ready for the day and am still working on a lovely quilt which I am hoping will be ready for the day.

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